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I think I was writing about you all along

That moment where I feel like I could've dreamed you up

I told myself "I'll know it when I see it."

& I was right.

The silence is comfort as your gaze takes me

Looking forward to counting the shades of color in your eyes

Looking forward to holding your face in my hands while you kiss me

Looking forward to uncovering the secrets of the universe between deep breaths and softly sung lullabies

Looking forward to all of the beautiful ways our threads will tangle and weave

If you are the ocean than I am the shores and the bays holding you

and the rivers and the streams running into you


"Love" feels shallow and limits the depth of how I truly feel for you

A cataclysmic explosion and I still sincerely cannot think straight

Eons and galaxies wide I love you

Missing you feels like looking out across the ocean

It's a longing and a pain but a sweetness and a divine life of it's own

Your love hits me like kisses from a million butterflies

Moving from head to toe, leaving ripples of goosebumps

I have to close my eyes--it's blinding and effervescent

It's the universe reflecting back to us

It's the spark of life

It gives every moment meaning, leading up to and out of

I'm reborn

I'm reborn and seeing life through new eyes

And tasting with tongue so fresh & eager

My fingertips starving for your skin since they first delighted on the curves of your back

And my own arching--even as I make the words

For you

Endless. Manic. Boundless. Momentous. Iconic, Poetic. All Most, Biblical.

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