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A Poem: I am

Photo cred: @goodfilmwork_

I am the one you've been looking for

I am the warm impression on the other side of the bed

Reach for me, in restless twilight moments.

I am the racing in your pulse

I am the heat that sweeps outward, beading the sweat on your lips

Catch me

I am falling-

Reach out your hand.

I am the gravity that roots you and

I am the balance that centers you.

I am the gasp of air that fills you between fierce kisses

while tumbling between fields of cotton flowers and fuzzy pillows

I am the chill and the arch in your spine- trembling

I am swimming across your skin

Reach for me- beneath the waves

I am the force that breaks the waters surface

blinding and effervescent

I am the sun's reflection and the and the shadow

soothing your skin with shade.

Seek me,

I am the Tree of Life and Eden's garden.

I am ripe

I am lush and

I spoil at the thought of any other's kiss.

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