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A Poem: On Disassociation

Sliding through and between

Code switching takes on a whole new meaning

She's speaking--I'm feeling

She's moving--I'm frozen

Her words--I didn't say that

Her actions-- I didn't do that

What did I come in here for?

What did you say?

Who am I?

I have to retrace my steps

Go back to where we split.

Face the reason, collect up my parts

I use tape these days--

the glue rips the skin when we pull apart again

It doesn't hold as well, but

We need space from one another every so often.

But now I'm driving & her foots on the gas

And now she's taking a selfie & I'm her filter

And I feel sick & now she's smiling

So I get thirsty & she orders a whiskey

So I stand to leave & she walks us to the dance floor


And I finally feel my center

and we fall in this rhythm

and for a moment we're connected.

In this moment we are clear.

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