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A Poem; the returning

You don’t need me

It’s what I fear; it’s what I crave.

How do I still the wave of wounds crashing down?

To savor the returning; time & time again.

I’ve felt the pain of losing you, lives ago.

I’ve felt the pain of losing my Self, years ago.

A manifestation, created at my finger tips.

We speak of the moment often—keep the magic.

First sight, came here looking for you, left in love and haven’t returned.

Tore it all down, burnt it all up

Just to build worlds again,

With you. 

Empires again,

With you. 

Forged in spirit,

Entangled and free.

You don’t need me, nor I you.

It’s the beauty and the beast.

To choose is to love.

To return is to love.

To align is to love.

I have not always been chosen, or kept or seen.

Let me not doubt, let me not fear. 

Let me see with trust,

if only this once. 

If only this once.

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