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A Poem: Untitled

Last night while making love

I asked you to promise me that we could do this forever.

It was easy for you to say between deep kisses

Kisses as deep as my love for you.

With your promise I'm carried away

Hands clinging, heart exploding

Pulling you closer, but there's no more space between us left to fill

What happens to the hands of time

when our hands are entwined

What happened to this room?

I think we've gone too far--

too far forward, too far back

Because when I look to the future

you're all I can see

And when I look to our past lives

I can hear you making the same promise to me;

Whispered over again between time and back again

I think of all the ways I've readied my Self for You

It's only You

I promise You

And I promise, too

It's forever You.

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