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A Poem: Venusian playground

original collage: inspired by my happy list

Enter at the wildflowers, near the garden of fresh herbs-

fresh lemons and sugar for lemonade at the bend.

A few paces north & a split in the road-

east to Forgotten Forest, west to the Sea of Tears.

Onward, to Manifest Mountain

overlooking the Gorge of Great Gratitude.

Watermelon falls leading down Strawberry Stream to the Cherry Bayou.

Sweet little curls bouncing down Cotton candy lane

Bright blue eyes, like the sky over my Field of Dreams.

Where the sun is always shining

where the snow is always falling.

The road is a rainbow and the light bulbs are pink.

Its a cake for breakfast, and champagne to drink.

Hidden beyond the cove of wonder runs the River of Romance-

lined with vines of vices and lovers on it's bed.

Retreat into the citrus sunset and paint love with our bare hands.


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