• Quinn

A poem; "What I Mean"

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

What I mean when I say

"I hate you" is that

actually, I love you.

What I mean is

you've found a way to

get past my walls

& that in & of itself

is a sign from


What I mean is,

how can I feel like this?


you feel like safe &

safe means

run or

safe means grab your

favorite spoon & stir

that shit up.

What I mean is

I need you

What I mean is

I'll probably fuck this up.



What I mean when I say

"I need you" is that

actually I'm thirsty-

mouth watering for you,

among other things.

What I mean is that I'm


for you.

What I mean is come


& make every

beautiful part of me yours,


the magnets under my skin

are pulling for you.

Do yours pull for me?

What I mean is

I can't wait any longer-

What I mean is

I need your commitment,

and your trust,

and your future.

What I mean is make

yourself free to me &

let's make memories.

What I mean is

I'm ready.


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