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A #SelfLoveChallenge

This kind of felt like an important time to do some reflection on Self Love & challenge others to do the same!

I am going to challenge you to do this exercise as well--either privately, or as a post on social media. I am going to share this on social as well, using the hashtag #selflovechallenge. Let's make self love the movement.

If self love is something that escapes you, this is going to be an empowering process. Drawing our attention to self love and focusing our awareness onto the beauty in our lives is a critical step towards mastering the Law of Attraction. Seek, and you shall attain.

I'll start:

1 thing I need to let go of: the expectations that are placed on me by others

2 pieces of advice to remind myself: Don't skip your skin care routine, Drink more water

3 of my greatest talents/abilities: Compassion, aesthetics, empowerment

4 activities that make me feel good: creating art, playing with my children, being in nature, sex

5 positive self loving affirmations: My healing is an inspiration; My beauty is unique & captivating; My aura is pure & genuine; I am a reflection of my own inner beauty; people can recognize the goodness & divinity in me.

6 people I love having in my life: Natalia my daughter, Lucca my son, their father, my mother & my father

7 things I can do to remove stress: meditate, create art, hot bath/shower, tea time, lean on my loving supports, some kind of energy release

8 simple things that bring me joy: birds, tea, romantic poetry, hypnotic harmonies, stage performance, skin care, lavender, tarot

9 people, places or things I am grateful for: my home, my dog Sadie, the ocean, Sierra Luisa, long car drives, naps in the sunshine, my Nana, my ancestors, my 3 brothers

10 things I love about myself: my charm, my hunger for knowledge, my desire to be a helper, my willingness to hold space for others healing, my capacity to love others, my emotional openness, my standards for my relationships, my standards for myself, my overall aesthetics, my aura of confidence

11 things, feelings, experiences or people I deserve in my life: a loving partner, laughter, health, a sense of roots, room to grow, space for healing, the time to create beautiful art, an inner sense of direction, inner sense of purpose, good yummy foods to eat & comfy fluffy blankets to roll around in

In love,


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