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All my poems are about sex...

There is something natural that falls into place for me when it comes to written & spoken word. As someone whose life has been shaped by music, and singing in particular, spoken word is an crucial medium for me.

I’ve recently had poetry just falling right out of me. So much so that I’ve begun to free write as they come up.

Thing is, the only things I seem to write about are love, magic & sex! Lol Like honestly, these are apparently the most inspiring things in my life right now! And I can’t really say that I hate it!

I’m still quite shy about sharing the actual short prose I’ve scribbled out. So don’t expect a book of poetry anytime soon—but it’s been so much fun engaging in a different form of art than my usual go-to’s.

One of my biggest sources of inspiration of my lifestyle in general is the planet & archetype of Venus & it’s transits.

I noticed a major burst of poetry bubble up while Venus was in Scorpio, not long ago. I was writing much more about new energies that were emerging through me and the magic I was feeling from the Universe. However, Venus in Sagittarius gave life to a new, more freed sense of poetic expression for me. I felt the urge to put beautiful experiences into words. A way to capture those sweet intimate nuances that fade from your memory over time. The Venus in me longs to preserve these moments, so that I can come back to them when I please.

Moments kept between passionate lovers, quietly existing in the pages of my Book of Secrets.

Venus takes up many pages in my Book of Secrets. Venusian energy is one that I tend to be strongly in tune with, as an empath. This has kept me in tune with energy of romantic relationships and love compatibility. I am also inclined with beauty aesthetics, fashion, art music and pop culture. Qualities I deeply associate with being Venusian. As much as I am touched by the transits of the Sun and the Moon (being a Cancer Sun, with a Leo cusp and Leo dominant chart), the movement of Venus tends to have the largest impact on my spirit.


What do notice drives you, or what energies do you respond to on a spiritual & soulful level?

Love, Q


Check this link for the complete 2020 Planetary Overview to see transits for Venus and your other personal planets!

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