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Back to Basics: Daily habits

My wellness is rooted in my commitment to my daily rituals. I like to call them rituals, instead of habits; it gives them more power. Habits seem unconscious, while rituals are filled with intent. For me, this is one of the ways I like to also "groom my mental terrain". Enhancing the language I use in regards to my lifestyle. I am releasing "habits" and creating "rituals to and for my Self".

Now, you know me--I gotta keep is simple! I really am quite the minimalist and struggle to commit to anything overly intricate. I mean, even my blog posts don't take more than 3-4 minutes to read because honestly who has the fucking time anymore?!? So if you're like me, start simple and stay in your lane. There really is no need to adopt some outlandish daily ritual that has no connection to your daily life. Stay realistic, because others are out here doing the most and it can make you feel like you need to as well--but you don't. Just do what feels right, do what aligns with your roots and keeps you in divine flow.

With intention, I took some time to identify what I need altruistically, to keep my day vibey. for this, it makes the most sense to set some goals for your Self or do some self-reflection. I tend to use my birth chart as a guide as well! As a Cancer sun, I connect deeply to water--I use intentional soaps in my shower and listen to music or Abraham Hicks rants first thing in the morning. As a Taurus rising, I connect deeply to the earth--I use self-made skin care products and wear clothing that suits my needs or intentions for the day. As a Pisces Moon, I connect deeply to my senses--I look for ways to stimulate and pleasure my sensory system. This may seem like a silly daily ritual, but self-stimulation is incredibly important work for trauma survivors and mitigating the daily symptoms of PTSD or C-PTSD. It is a daily ritual that I use to prevent panic, sensory overload and toxic stress.

I have 2 stellium in my birth chart as well. This occurs when there are 3 or more planets in one sign or house, in my case in Leo and in Capricorn. With a Leo stellium, every day I look for opportunities to be inspired, creative and to share my vision and my Self with others. It also is a huge conductor of my divine connection, that I offer gratitude towards and meditate on. With a Capricorn stellium, every morning I take time to review my to do lists, make intentional marks in my calendar and refine my daily, weekly and monthly goals. My Capricorn stellium also helps me set firm boundaries for the day and is fiercely protective of my grounding and centering processes. Both of my stellium help me gauge, on a daily basis, what I will be investing my time in and what will guide true purpose and pleasure for me. (Here is a cool article I found on Capricorn Stellium and it's influence over the "Indigo children")

To review:

1) Intentional shower/bath ritual

2) Intentional skin care and beauty ritual

3) Self-stimulation and sensory wellness

4) Create, share& connect with Source

5) Plan, organize and set healthy boundaries

Honestly, it doesn't have to be any more complicated than this! I know that this simple formula helps me stay aligned, is based on my true nature and addresses my actual needs. Staying committed to my Self means that I offer my Self the benefit of these rituals, to help me stay aligned and dedicated. These are all simple, measurable and are helping me with the other building blocks of maintaining a lifestyle based on wellness. We are made to belief that rituals are offered to a higher power or that altars can only be created for gods and goddesses. Truly, we are worthy of rituals and altars for our Self. We are worthy of the time and the space and the beautiful things. We are worthy of daily praise and unconditional self love.

Love Q


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