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Back to Basics: Healing, Wellness & Self Love

Being led by the cycles of the Sun helps me stay focused and inspired throughout the year. Traditionally, Virgo season for us brings the excitement of a new school year, upgrading our processing systems and the refinement our summer selves. The coming weeks brings a time of goal setting, planning and the early stages of establishing a new way for us to operate day to day.

Virgo season is astrologically the best time of year for this kind of collective energy. Virgo is the critical, detail oriented nurturer who is there to assist and delegate. This is the time of year you might feel inspired to get in touch with the your daily calendar, start planning the details of the holidays, look at your finances and update the ways your work life and home life are running.

This month, I am working in getting back to basics for my Self. Between moving this summer and still nesting in and the kids school years about to get started--I am seriously feeling the energy getting shaken up. In order to stay grounded and centered, I need to really get my priorities addressed and my supports established.

As I reflect about what the "basics" look like to me--I realize that these things may not seem like "basics" to everyone reading. Which is totally fine. What I want to make clear is that these basics took time for me to adopt, and some are still getting uploaded to my "operating system". I have to be intentional about reminding my Self and coming back every couple of weeks to gauge my daily commitment.

Because honestly, that's what self love ultimately comes down to--daily commitment. We tend to think of love in terms of grand gestures and over indulgences. Those things are a nice addition, but will certainly not maintain the kind of unconditional and long standing love that exists within healthy relationships. Self love is the same--one long weekend at the spa is good for a the weekend but there is still so much to manage that the spa doesn't manage for you. Until you can start aligning your whole day towards making decisions based out of self love--you will not be content, you will feel blocked and your life will leave you wanting more.

I want to take some time this month to talk about MY basics. What getting back to basics means to little ole me. Just your average single mother, healing from a life time of trauma and navigating life mid to post COVID-19. I humbly admit, I've become an expert in healing cycles--but I forget at times how important it is for others to see the healing process in real time. The ups, the downs, the good, the bad, the ugly. Getting back to basics for me means that I don't to be perfect, that I am flexible and eager to learn and that I get to make time to reflect on my Self and hold my Self accountable.

I'd like to introduce a concept based on this simple diagram. You see, I made my own list of things that I need to address for my Self this Virgo season--if I'm truly examining my day to day approach to healing, wellness and self love. All of the thing that I listed are things that would fall in the yellow circle above--they are things within my control. Or as I like to say, within "my sphere of influence". My daily habits, the people, places and things I expose my Self to, what I think, do & say...these are the basics that we desperately need to get back to if we are in the business of the being WOKE. Being woke is understand that your sphere of influence is much more powerful that your potential for being influenced (which would be represented by the pink colored circle).

The law of attraction tells us that when we are able to tune into our most authentic and loving self, the Universe will then provide opportunities to us that align with the highest version of our Selves. When you are able to refine the things within your sphere of influence to support your most authentic loving self--that is when you will being to see the life of your dreams manifest.

This month I will be taking a closer look at the following things within my sphere of influence that effect my ability to manifest or create:

-my daily habits (morning routine, eating habits, physical care and time management)

-my relationships (with all people, places and things)

-my mental terrain (mental processes, meditation, intuitive tools, manifest mindset)

If you notice--all of the items noted within the yellow section would fall nicely into one or more of the above categories. It helps my brain take note and organize the things that are influenced by my energy. It also helps my brain to find the overlaps. This helps me become efficient as I learn to apply healing methods to overlapping areas of my life. 2 birds 1 stone is very millennial mentality and it very much applies to wellness and self care.

This week I will start breaking down my day to day. This is actually totally necessary for me to do, as much kids weekly school schedules are all over the place and my career is in a period critical transition. For me, the goal will be to create a manageable daily routine and weekly schedule that allows for all of us to get our basic, educational and social needs met, without compromising anyone's wellness or space needed for healing. Stay tuned...

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