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Basics for your at home Apothecary


Everyday, some new wave of inspiration hits me! Most of the time it has to do with either creating a beauty product, fiddling in my garden/with my plants or creating art in my journal.

On any given day, I have quite an extensive At Home Apothecary that I utilize and try to keep stocked at all times. These are all items that I especially look for at discount stores or when on clearance to stock up. I love to create new beauty goodies, or skin treatments for myself, as Sensual magick is a huge part of my practice. 

I am also a huge bargain shopper and this collection definitely didn’t come together overnight. By no means should you try to add everything on this list to your collection—these are simply suggestions to keep in the back of your head when you have a few extra $$ to use towards your spiritual practice. Also, use what you know works for your energy! I use what’s best for me, but variations are essential.

I especially like to remind myself that spiritual self care is an important investment & many of these items last for a long time and are incredibly versatile! This list is in alphabetical order.

If you see something I should add, email me and I will get it on there! ( I will also be updating this blog overtime)

A labeling system

A set of kitchen tools for glamour magic only

Abre Camino cologne



Apple Cider Vinegar


Avocado butter and oil

Aztec Clay

Baking Soda

Beach Sand

Bentonite Clay

Black Castor Oil

Black Salt (I have an amazing DIY for this)

Candles (if you’re only going to choose 1 color, choose white)

Castille Soap

Charcoal powder

Coconut oil (fractionated and solid)

Coffee grinds

Dirt from the Earth

Dried Herbs (harvest your own or forage/shop local)

Eggs Shells

Epsom Salts

Essential Oils

Florida Water

Full Spectrum CBD oil

Grape seed Oil

Himalayan Sea Salt

Jars and Containers and Bottles (reduce, reuse, recycle)

Local Honey

Loose leaf teas and herbals

Mica color pigment powder

Milk power (coconut milk power)

Moon Water/ Storm Water / Sun Water

Raw cane sugar

Recipe book/ Your own Glamoire

Rose hip Oil

Rose Water

Smoke cleansing tools

Sound cleansing tools

Spiritual oils (purchased from a healer)

Tiny and Small sized tumbled healing crystals (I add to beauty products, candles and mini altars)

Vegetable Glycerin

Vitamin E oil/capsules

Witch Hazel

My storage system is totally chaotic, tbh. But it is totally on my list of "shit i need to do around my house still". My mother gifted me an amazing antique buffet that I have the supplies to re-face. I also use our small 5'x4' mud room for my jars, bigger bulkier items and the shit I don't use on a regular basis. My EO's and some of the other regular use items (aloe, coconut oil, baking soda, honey, salts) those all live either on my kitchen counter, kitchen pantry or my current buffet that is getting nixed once I get my new one pimped out.

This is all for now, remember to send me some of your favorite Apothecary items you keep in your collection,

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