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Defining The New Indigo

In an essence, Indigo is just a manifestation of my personality and my calling that exists in virtual reality. But she really is so much more than a cooky tarot enthusiast. She was never meant to be confined by the limits of tarot; but meant to grow along, using tarot as her guide to bigger, more divine connections.

Visionaries are conditioned to limit their own potentials by those who view the world differently. There is no inherent shame in ones inherent perspective, only shame in judging another for theirs. Limited perspective kills originality and threatens those that are dependent on external sources validation. Indigo is the vibration that aligns me with others of a similar perspective on life. The more I vibrate Indigo, to more I align my Self with collective healing & growth. The more authentic I am, through Indigo, the more authentic opportunities will arise. Indigo helps me be discerning about the collective energy I share.

My calling doesn't require publicity or newspaper articles. My calling doesn't require social recognition or massive platforms. My calling required me to be authentic, to use my voice, to continue to discover and connect with my inner power and to encourage you to do the same. I am working so hard on my Self that I am attracting others who are doing the same. I am aligning my Self with my highest potential and connecting with others who are as well. I am seeing old foundations of self-betrayal falling away, the more I express Indigo.

I am claiming all the is rightfully me, and mine in this lifetime and in every lifetime. I am claiming all of the divine relationships I brought into this existence. I am claiming my power through divine connection & meaningful expression. I am claiming to seek beauty & love in every space and relationship I enter. I am claiming success over any obstacle, man made or divine. I am claiming intuitive clarity and endless trust in my Self as a source of knowledge & truth. I am claiming healing and healing energy for my Self and for any one who see healing within me. I am claiming discernment and the power of protective boundaries. I am claiming openness and readiness to all the I am meant to claim in this lifetime, and in future lifetimes.

I encourage you to do the same as the lunar energy encourages us to do so.

Love Q

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