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Express: Portals to Healing

"Your actions are the bridge between the life you're living now & the life you dream for yourself."

On Portals | A portal is nothing more than an opening; an opening that leads somewhere. In the spiritual world, portals symbolize the hidden, the unknown, the search for deeper meaning, transformations & transmutations within our individual or collective experiences. Portals can lead within, to the inner world of the Self; or they can lead us outward, into the unknown and through our journey. Portals are a wonderful tool to help us navigate the terms of our present & future--or our past, present & future.

Portals seem to have some sort of synchronistic thread running around me right now y'all. In the past 3 weeks, portals have hit center stage for me in a few different areas of my life. The biggest moment, was during my Creative Expressive Arts Therapy certification course. Our methods application, for breaking through feelings of confinement & being stuck, was to create our own portal. Some days Spirit is just like "Ok sis! Since you're not picking up on the hints, we will make this VERY CLEAR!"

There is a portal my soul is accessing right now. There is a direction I am being led that I feel genuinely uncertain of. At this point in my journey, my future has never seemed so foggy or unclear to me. My purpose, my calling, my passions and priorities--those are all clear as day. But I have been so distracted about my potential destination that I have been missing the present, and the beauty in this moment. So worried i may end up at the wrong place that I have forgotten that I always end up exactly where I am meant to be.

After having some time to process my own creative process with my portal, I was awoken to the truth that it is OK for the end game to be unknown today. I was awoken to the fact that I am living in the moments that will determine my end game and having that control is a beautiful thing. I was awoken to the things that I have done and that I continue to do that keep me on the journey I am destined to--rather than fated to.

Portals have become an incredible nuance in the art I have created, in times of healing. I have found subconscious ways to ensure portals access in many areas and spaces in my life. I will continue to acknowledge the portals that I pass through, and the meaning they share in my story. I will continue to move myself past blockages with the applications of portal creation or mediation.

The beauty of a portal is that it doesn't have to be a physical place or location. A portal can be the tears cried through the process of grieving. It could be the truth you speak, when your back in against the well. It could be the child, born into your life to realign your trajectory. It could be the safe space in which you have spent during this time of quarantine and isolation. Portals are seen in every opportunity we seize that moves us towards our Highest Self. Keep seeking portals to the life you dream for yourself, and never be afraid to step through it. It is surely the only way to bring your Self where you are destined to be.


In true synchronistic form, below is a photo of the portal I created and wrote about in my last "Express" blog. Like I said, portals came to me a few weeks ago & have not stopped since. While I was cleaning out my jewelry drawer, I found a bunch of cardboard jewelry boxes that I wanted to save for a project (in true witch fashion lol). For this particular project , I decided that each box would hold a portal, created custom by clients or for my clients to use in their own practice and process. For the process, I began to search through my collage materials and collected a ton of "portals" to use inside of my "Altar" boxes (or prayer boxes, or manifestation box or portal box). Photos of windows, doors, openings and all different kinds of portals to use in our work with moving through and past blockages to our healing.

My intentions for this "portal" is to open myself to my ancestors. I chose a fireplace as the "portal", representing family history, a place for us to gather & to hold the stories told 'round the fire, passed between generations. I also chose to add water as a healing source, as this portal serves to heal generations, both past, present & future.

I look forward to using this method with others and would love to assist you in the creation of your own portal. If you feel moved to start your own portal discovery, contact me for a free consultation, or to schedule a 1-on-1 session.

Beauty & Blessings,


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