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Express: The Art & Healing series

I've been talking, in my lives on FB, about my newest venture of getting certified as a Trauma-Informed Creative Expressive Arts Therapist. The arts have ALWAYS been a huge part of my life and is one of the main reasons I was able to heal in silence for years. Essentially, I have been researching the findings of the impact that engaging in expressive arts has on the reduction & elimination of symptoms caused by trauma or complex trauma.

To put it simply, engaging in expressive arts connects both the left and right sides of the brain, targeting some of the same areas (of the brain) that have been affected by chronic overuse of stress-response mechanisms, that naturally exist to protect humans from threats of harm. Unfortunately, when a person experiences trauma, it changes the synapses that fire in their brain and causes disruptions in chemical responses to those synapses. When the brain begins to attempt to mitigate stress-response mechanisms, clinicians have found that allowing a client to engage in expressive arts (allowing both sides of the brain to function) allows for the brain to reduce or eliminate trauma responses, more than traditional interventions, that may include talk therapy, psychiatry and pharmaceutical cocktails. The application of expressive arts also allows for a client to form a more clear narrative of their experiences and feelings, which survivors or trauma often lack to describe.

Long story short, I have come to deeply understand the healing powers of engaging in uninhibited expression, using forms of art, music, dance and written word. I am going to be sharing new techniques and projects you can try at home in a new series right here on my blog. I am working on my first project to share with you! I have cleaning out my house during my time in quarantine and found a bunch of cardboard jewelry gift boxes. I was immediately inspired to hold onto them & create something out of them.

Last night I started my first mini-prayer box! It already is looking gorgeous with the collage materials I have added. I plan to add a short prayer and other little totems that channel the energy of Taurus season. These prayer boxes re going to be a wonderful addition to my personal practice, but also to the Spiritual Advisement I offer my clients! Imagine the potency of a custom prayer box created specifically to target your intentions? Something amazing I can offer my clients in advisement, art therapy and for my Self!! A win-win-win!

Keep an eye out for the first entry, hopefully I will have her done this weekend to share with you.

Beauty & Blessings,


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