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Full Moon Healing circle

This Full Moon in Scorpio it’s no surprise that I’m inspired healing—to the extent that I am literally opening myself to others as a channel for it. I’ve been having some very important and passionate conversations with my safe people, and others in healing. All of these conversations have been healing oriented and coming from a place not only inner healing, but collective healing.

This kind of time in history has left me wondering what I could possibly offer a world in total apocalyptic shock. I‘ve spent the last 6 weeks searching deep within my life for what I could do to work against the “trauma”. All along it’s the only thing I’ve ever been able to do.

I can heal. I can commit fully to orient my life, my work & my purpose towards healing. A gigantic shift in internal validation of my ability to bring healing to broken people, places & things. Source has given me the power of visions of healing. If I allow my Self to be that open channel, we can experience it together here in real time.

The theme of this Full Moon healing circle is Common Threads of healing. I am inspired to step into this work with the intention of helping others on their life search, for the common threads of healing that synchronize in the many different areas of our lives. I am inspired to guide you inwards, to the most sacred space where you go to experience healing. To look at the ways your fated journey left you wounded and to illuminate the healing source that guided you through your darkest moments.

The beauty of the Full Moon is that while we get to sit in the darkness of the night and be one with our own darkness—the moon is there to light the way. Whatever phase of healing you find yourself in today—I encourage you to commit to fully stepping into this place. Fully healed and thriving or totally wounded and suffering—this is the time to sit with that energy and let it tell you what it needs to heal, or continue to heal. What is the sacred healing elixir for which your Soul knows the formula?

You may use the time and space created within the Full Moon healing circle to be one with your Self—so that the healing process can begin, or continue. In order for this time to provide the safest and most authentic inner healing, there are boundaries we will support and respect for one another.

  1. Participants will enter this space with honor and respect for others healing experiences and needs. Be aware of internal judgement and resistance to collective connections.

  2. Participants will use silence in this space, to prevent intrusion on another’s healing process. This practice will preserve the safety needed for true inner healing, without exposing yourself to triggering group commentary.

  3. Participants are in complete control of their experiences within the healing circle. You are encouraged to use discernment for your healing process. Participants have permission to step away from the space, or turn off their cameras for their own, or others privacy.

  4. Participants are responsible for their personal healing work outside of the healing space and are encouraged to maintain any healing practices accessible.

  5. Participants commit to use their own healing work to guide their experiences in this space. This space is intended to reduce external controls on inner healing processes. Conditions are healing-oriented for both facilitator and participants.

You are encouraged to connect with your healing circle facilitator for support and empowerment to stay engaged in your healing work. If you are like the many of us, who lack access or struggle to engage with clinical supports or interventions, this healing circle will help you build a foundation for developing your own unique holistic healing routines.

Healing circles will take place on or around the New and Full Moon phases. These positions act as a wonderful Universal container of time, to use as a guide into self-awareness. Every human in healing has access to the moon and are touched by her cycles. We can sync into that magnificent power, by emulating those cycles in our healing practice. This is the Common Thread that will guide into our healing circle—to initiate the newest phase of our healing.

Most, if not all, of us are currently living in adverse experiences—this is the moment healing needs to begin. Raise your awareness to the threads of healing you can feel are a part of your life’s journey. Hold those threads in your hands and begin to weave them into the fabric of your New Life, post pandemic.

Full Moon healing event access is available here.



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