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Full moon in the house

Started the year out with I'm glad that's over with. Since the last time I wrote, I have taken some fairly drastic steps to slow the pace of my life down. It's made a tremendous difference and I feel a renewed sense of peace that I haven't felt--maybe ever. I'm resisting the urge to fill my time & space with responsibilities. It's about to be a Wolf Moon and I have a feeling that's what pulled me to the keyboard this morning.

It's a full moon in Cancer--and we all know that Cancer's get that bad rep for being highly emotional, erratic and "crabby". What I would like to pose, however, is that this cardinal sign is the most emotionally intelligent of the 12--and their ability to release & express their emotions freely is a coveted skill. Pop culture loves to infantilize Cancer sun's--however this is a simply a reflection of the under-developed emotional intelligence, possessed by signs that are unable to have a healthy relationship with their own emotional well-being. As a Cancer sun, I have to admit--my tear ducts tend to be over active. But like, we're water signs--so like whatever--we're allowed. But I will say, I know a few signs that truly act like cry babies, rather than being in a healthy emotional flow (I'm looking at you Pisces and Virgo!).

Take some time to check your living spaces this full moon. The moon being in Cancer, ruler of the 4th house, is the perfect time to nurture your hermit shell. Your daily rituals and habits are hunkered into this space. It is essential that your living space reflects the lifestyle you intend for yourself. It can be a little difficult to know where you'd like to get started but I can offer a few suggestions. Feng shui is a super simple tool that you can start using to enhance the energy flow in your personal living or working space. I started following a few random Feng shui accounts on social media & it helped me makes some really simple design decisions I was struggling over, since having moved not a new space last fall.

Try to focus on one room at a time and to set an intention for each space. For instance, in my bedroom I might focus my intentions on creating a space that is relaxing, comforting, safe & quiet; it might have a darker, fluffy fabrics & smell like lavender & cedarwood. In my kitchen I might focus my intentions on being organized, clean, free of garbage & dirty dishes; it might have a citrusy smell with a bright & open feel. In my bathroom I might focus my intentions on good health & beauty; it might have apothecary items, ritual baths & smell like mint & clean laundry. Each room in our homes serve a purpose--the goal is to enhance each space so that it serves t purpose & your lifestyle is supported. Where do you pay music the loudest? Where do you have space & time to create? Are your needs supported our stifled? Do you have natural lighting? Do you enjoy the colors & patterns you see? Keep it simple, less is more & let each item be a blatant reflection of you. Let the experience be a practice in establishing identity & self reflection.

If nothing else this full moon in Cancer, light yourself a candle and thank your home for the shelter it provides you, for the land it sits upon, for the secrets the walls hold for you and the beautiful people your are able to share it with. More than ever, especially in our local communities, I implore you to also consider those that who are without shelter. Do you take what you have around your for granted? How can you show your home love? How can you make a difference for someone who is without? This full moon in Cancer, more than anything, remember that housing is a human right.

Love always,


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