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Glamoire: Daily routine

Taurus, and thus Venus, rule over my chart. I am a Taurus rising, and ruled by the Venusian archetype. Beauty, glamour and ritualized self-love are aspects of the Venusian. One of the new series I want to bring to The New Indigo is the Glamoire! I recently started a Beauty journal, I have named my Glamoire. This is where I record my beauty regimen, my new products ideas & other things related to my physical ritual process.

When I began really committing myself deeply to my spiritual practice, I looked for the ways in which I had already ritualized my life. The areas I had noticed that were filled with the most spiritual commitment, and habituation, were my personal grooming, my homesteading, the creative arts and self-healing. I really should create a ven diagram of these aspects, as they all relate so well and layer over one another in my life. I will save that for another blog post though lol

Today, I really want to share with you, my super basic routine that is a foundational aspect of my Glamoire practice. Some of the products I will mention are homemade products that can either be found on my website (#goals) or you can contact me directly for custom curation (#myfave). Some products I order specially from other withes Some products can be found on the shelves of the drug store. We like to have mixed media in our Glamoire!

1) Hot shower to start my day! I am a big time water sign (Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon) and water is a major healing source, not just for me, but for all of us. While in the shower, I start with a..

2) Facial cleanse; I prefer to use a store bought cleanser. My favorite line is from Pacifica! I have tried every single cleanser. I love that through the year, as the seasons change and the condition of my skin does, their products are versatile enough to address all types of skin. I am currently using the Cosmic Hemp Balancing cleanser. So far, it is going well, but I think the cleanser that's been the most beneficial for my skin is either the Kale Detox Deep cleaning, or the Coconut Milk Cream to Foam cleanser--again, depending on the time of year! Facial cleanse is followed by...

3) Facial Exfoliation; I prefer to use a super simple homemade product for this! It is a product I named Moon Shine, as is it charged under the Full Moon when curated. It is my secret formula, but only has 2 ingredients--plus any essential oils (EOs) desired. I use this once daily on my face; and usually 2-3 weekly on my rough spots, stretch marks and booty. It could also be used on any body areas you have that are acne prone. This is followed by...

4) Ritual cleansing of my body. I prefer to use a lavender, or a spiritually curated soap! I plan to do a future blog post on my favorite lavender products, as they are huge part of my personal practice on the homestead. Be on the look out for that post soon! I currently have Dr Bronners All-One Hemp Lavender Pure Castille bar soap, as well as The Honest Company's Truly Calming lavender Shampoo/Body wash for kids. This is followed by...

5) Hair conditioning; I use a variety of conditioners, depending on the status of my hair. But I will use store bought products for this as well. For hair, both in the shower and for styling, I use Shea Moisture products. I have 3c kinky coily curls and I have a history of destroying it with bleaching and coloring. I have spent the last few month really nourishing and restrengthening my hair. I frequently repeat beauty mantras while tending to my hair and follow a set of beliefs that long, luxurious hair is a blessing from the Gods. I extend bountiful gratitude throughout my grooming process, and since I have begun this practice I have noticed a shift in the health of my hair and skin...

6) For post shower body love, I always immediately do 3 things: facial serum, hair product, body conditioning! I start with...

7) Facial serum; and I have the PERFECT homemade blend that has taken me the last for to lock down to a science. Now, you might be able to tell, but I love a multiple purpose product. For me, less is more and the fewer products I can use for more things, the better. So my All Purpose Skin & Tonic healing serum was designed with this in mind. This product can be used as a daily moisturizer, after-shave, for burns, abrasions, small cuts, oil & acne treatment, after sun exposure and as a make-up remover! While this is super easy to make at home, the benefits of this product seem to be ENDLESS! My inner circle, who I have blessed with small homemade batches can attest to the MAGICK of this product...

8) Next up is more Shea Moisture, oil based styling products that I can dump into my wet curls and forget about. I HATE applying heat of any kind to my hair, and will avoid it all costs! This has helped with my hair health IMMENSELY! I also have learned after 30 years of curl care that the less I handle my wet curls, the better they will hold up as they dry. So I throw in my styling product and either leave it down to air dry, or twist it up into a top not until I'm ready to take it down and dry it out...

9) I finish with body conditioning. And by that, I mean using an intentional body oil or lotion. For body conditioning, I use different products when I have different needs or intentions for the day. Homemade body oils, with a good light oil base (sesame, jojoba...) are super accessible magickal beauty products that can be enhanced from sore bought oils, or curated by hand. Simple add any EO's or spiritual oils that match your intentions. There are times I will add a body oil to a spiritual bath, or incorporate it into my shower routine to save on time.

So this is my basic break down of my most SACRED daily beauty ritual!! There is so much value that can be taken from committing to a daily practice, to hold yourself accountable to the quality of products you are using and observing the long term affects of maintaining a clean beauty ritual.

Every week or so, I plan on sharing more of my beauty secrets with you. Since my practice really began to develop I have understood the importance of treating my physical body as a sacred vessel, the healing that is capable with a healthy vessel & the power of glamour magick. Be on the look out for some of my favorite beauty recipes, books that I keep in my collection for DIY beauty ideas and more of my personal Glam Magick secrets.

Beauty & Blessings,


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