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Glamoire: For Curly Girls

My beauty regimen is 100% influenced by my melanation & my curl hair. I try to keep my glamour advice neutral, but my practice is entirely dependent on the condition of my hair and skin. Which is brown & textured all around. So today I am talking to my curly girls!!

I have about a level 3c curl and the amount of times I wash and condition my mane is obnoxious & I have been looking for my go-to curl revitalizing spray. I struggle with build up, tangles, breakage & dry scalp. My curls also take A MILLION years to grow, but my bounce back game is ELITE, so my length is deceiving!

So I tried a new super easy DIY treatment to bring your Day 2 curls back to life without a full wash! We don't get the perks of dry shampoo--we live at the opposite end of spectrum so we have to use a wet, reconditioning process! Dry shampoo is 2 of the top 3 things I don't want in my hair lol

I found a few recipes to use a guideline and get some good tips--but I made this product work for me with what I had available. I talk a little bit about reducing and reusing as a part of my beauty lifestyle, so here's the process on Day 2 curls and how to create a Curl Revitalizing spray! (This is saved from my IG story, so it may not be top qaul.)

Here is the final DAY 2 look, after my curls had time to set & dry for a bit:

This was super easy, I was able to find everything I needed right in my bathroom cabinet & this will save me time in the mornings and will keep my curls healthy, moisturized & looking fresh.

Let me know what some of your game changing tips & products for curly hair!

Talk soon!



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