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Glamoire: My 3 B's

There is a formula for my go-to basic beauty look! Honoring my natural beauty, with minimal enhancements. Let me be honest, I love beauty but I also love minimal. So for me, you're not going to get full length feature films of me baking & beating my face up. What is DOES mean, is that you can count on me so cleaner, simpler and more natural beauty options. The magick of glamour is the enhancement of features we already possess. The magick of magick is that it is already within you, longing to be set free.

Simplifying my beauty regimen has allowed me to focus much more on the features I DO have, rather than hating myself for the features I lack. In fact, using the high end, expensive and toxic products took away from my natural beauty. Leaving my skin and hair dull, discolored and never quite lasting the way I had hoped. Rather than hiding from my imperfections, I decided to let them breath and work my magick to heal them.

This is the look I go to when I need a little extra glow and it literally takes about 3 minutes to complete!

Step 1: Brows; props to those who microblade or henna their brows in. I, do not. I would love to try henna, but for now I stick to my Maybelline TattooStudio Brow tint pen. I have tried a number of brow fillers and this is by FAR my favorite and lasts like a dream. A strong brow enhances our inner Sacred Masculine energy and gives the impression of intellect, control and uninhibited beauty.

Step 2: Bronze; I use my bronzer to highlight the areas of my face that naturally catch the sun. Especially in the fall and winter months, this step is crucial to brighten and deepen our natural coloration. I use BareMinerals and have for years! It is super light on my skin, gives great coverage and lasts all the live long day. Imust admit that this the ABSOLUTE most expensive product I have in my whole collection ($22 retail)--but it literally lasts FOREVER. I probably restock every 18 months or so....if that. Color in the face gives this impression of energy vitality, radiance and youthfulness.

Step 3: Brown Lip (or Balm); my perfect shade is Berlin suede matte lipstick by NYX. The secret to finding your perfect nude is to match to the shade of your areola (the area surrounding your nipple). I went a shade darker, but I have a few shade variations. If you are not into lip color, I highly recommend a balm for a simple moisturizer. My favorite balm is either Rose balm, or if you're looking for a spiritually charged balm, check out Black Madonna's OG Sugar Lips lip packs a serious punch! A strong healthy lip gives the impression of honesty, strong opinions and boldness.

Give this look a try and tag me on your social post! Safe this tip for your own #grimoire

Beauty & Blessings,


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