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Glamoire: My hair is full of secrets

Today my biggest source of inspo is my hair and my healing, naturally.

My girlfriend asked me this morning how I am holding up and my response was "...Counting down the days until I can put my roots down." Roots mean something different depending on who you ask. But the common thread is that

Roots keep us grounded.

Roots: trees, flowers, vegetables, ancestors, your family home, tradition, hair

When working with glamour, we are working with essences. The essence of roots for me is grounded, physically well, healthy & connection to the Self through the collective. Using rooted energies allows me to channel this essence into every area of my life, in one way or another. Craving scalp treatments, root vegetables and conversations with my black ancestors. Craving stillness, strength and sustainable resources. Craving 4 walls to decorate, floors under my feet & a garden full of herbs. Craving sage wisdom, birth charting & meditation in the woods.

Glamour means allowing the emptiness of wanting to be filled with potential, faith & busting my ass. Glamour means knowing I don't have it all, but that I have it all within my grasp. Glamour means finding common threads between the mind, body & soul to heal, manifest & connect. Glamour means listening to the whispers of my inner spirit & seeking out the essence of my souls desire, unabashedly.

If glamour speaks to you, consider gaining access to my Glamour Magick course, due to be released 6/18. Early bird discount is $15 off, and is available until 6/16. Learn more at

Love, Q

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