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Glamoire: Purple pout

One of my signature lip colors is PURPLE!! I have a ton of different shades and formulas. I love a bold lip with minimal make up. It's one of my absolute go-to's to make a statement and stay true to my simple, natural aesthetic.

Purple is associated with divinity, royalty and passion; the crown chakra which opens enlightenment and is a feminine power color.

Purple is unique and is reserved for the most beautiful and delicious pieces of mother nature. Consider lavender, grapes, plums, eggplants and flowers. It is rare to see animal or insect species with purple coloring. It is a rare naturally occurring phenomena; much like my Self.

Purple can be juicy, soft, gentle or loud. It's soothing yet stimulating. It's calming yet powerful. It is a wonderful dualistic energy that emulates divine beauty and unique boldness.

Let's call this look: The BBP (Brows, Blush, Purp). A cute variation of my Original 3B's look

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