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Glamoire: Crown treatment

A crown chakra treatment that is!!

Blessed be! I just sat in meditation for a bit, using a guided crown chakra healing meditation. I genuinely have been dong so much work with other chakra, I could that I was balancing something I hadn’t stretched in a while. It’s kind of like when you finally crack your knuckles and you get that burst of relief! You know you’re doing the right work.

Anyways, mid-meditation I became distracted by my disappointment in myself from now accessing all of my chakras more often! Thank goodness for the guided meditation though—because my attention was auto redirected to the ways in which I already tend to my Crown.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been treating my curls with a homemade scalp healing/hair growth oil—that I also magnified with money drawing elements 🤩🤑 I’ve been calling it “Hair long, Money long“. I was rinsing my oil last week and decided to treat just the “crown” section of my curls. That is the area we tend to see extensive damage, breakage & poor health due to build up, wearing tight pony tails or buns and exporsure to heat and chemical treatments.

I have always noticed that the hair on the crown section of my head doesn’t grow as fast and tends to have more damage and curl shrinkage. First, I used a gentle lavender shampoo to cleanse my hair, conditioned once—then, I spent an extra 5 minutes, doing a second round of conditioner in the crown section of my hair only. During that time I meditated on healthy hair, offering gratitude for the hair health I have and speaking growth mantras to myself.

Try this simple crown treatment anytime you need a boost of clarity, self confidence, balance or wholeness in your sense of Self. Or if you haven’t been treating your literal “crown” so nicely these last few months lol 😆

I will also be adding an amethyst crystal to our main bathroom to enhance the energy in that space. I spend many a night bathing and ritualizing in that bathroom—might as well get the vibes right in there. Amethyst is highly associated with healing, cleansing and balancing your crown chakra. Consider charging your hair products or tools near amethyst or adding a few tumbled stones to a homemade hair treatment or a product you use frequently (shampoo, conditioner, styling products...).

Beauty & Blessing,


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