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I’d rather...

I’d rather be

Wrapped in your arms

And lips pressed firm

I’d rather be

Spun up and tangled

And catching my breath

I’d rather be

Swept off my feet

And carried away—

Carried away and running ahead—

Running ahead of ourselves and

Making plans—

Making plans with you.

Stand me to my feet and dance with me in the living room or across the world

Lay me down and I’ll sing until you sleep

So that in my dreams we can make it through to the end of the world

And we can wake up under the sun

And we can choose it again.

The harmonies sound sweeter

When I hear them through ears that have heard you reminisce

And the song swings smoother

When I sing them through lips that

Have been made yours

And everything I touch turns to gold,

Since my fingers have traced over you like a map of treasures

Unearthing your magic with every swirl of the fingertip

Reach for me

And I’ll be your comfort, the sweetness that brings you home

Reach for me

And keep me, through all of the days

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