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I quit my full time job during COVID

Quinn Singer, Creative Director laughs while checking a selfie on her phone backstage in the greenroom at a Parlor City Burlesque event.
Photo by Ashley Montalvo, Backstage at Parlor City Burlesque

I'm not going to give you the long version of this story, even though I kind of want to. But in November of 2021, after a full year of planning (threatening)--I decided to retire from my full time position in Human Services. I really don't think anyone took me seriously in January when I said I would be retiring early, but I did that shit. And I honestly would've done it sooner, but I wasn't offered the part time position I had applied for until like 3 months after I sent my shit in. So I went from full time 40+ hours every week, and being on call 24/7--to having a 20 hr a work week, doing Per Diem Medical Advocacy for victims a few times a month and 2 awesome production projects for theater and burlesque.

To say that my quality of life has increased dramatically would be an actual understatement. And I know your biggest question is probably about income--but even though on paper I'm "making less", I'm so much less stressed about income than I was before! My life has been simplified so intensely. There has been a balance between the few less dollars in my paycheck and the incredible surplus of wellness I have tapped within myself. If there was anything that COVID has really impressed upon us all, it's that life is too short to die at work. Like I said, I'm not going to give you the long version--but my last 2 years in human services at our counties only Comprehensive Victim's Services agency (on top of what I was going through IRL) was BRUTAL.

And quite frankly, I had come into motherhood and gone through a really difficult separation-- I had completely lost all sense of my self. I felt so far and removed from who I truly was and what I truly needed out of my life. I had no choice but to throw up the white flag and let myself off of the hook. 2020, and most of 2021 were years of massive growth and commitment to my Self. By the time November had rolled around last year--my life has done a 360, and my fiancé was in complete support of my decision to completely renovate my life. It's funny too, because in the past few weeks Theo (my fiancé) and I have found ourselves saying out loud to one another how incredible our lives feel and how lucky we are. (He is a web designer, who works from home--recently having relocated here to Binghamton NY from California).

My new part-time work has been more than fulfilling in my early retirement. I'm now not sure I could ever return to a full time, or full office job. I work mostly remote--in big part because my home office has better technology than my work office. BUT I do love going to the is an Opera Company, for crying out loud. There has been more than once that I have heard someone in the company say that "We truly have the best job."-- and I agree ( far lol). But the work itself has lent itself to me staying in a more creatively aligned flow, rather than in a crisis response flow--and that in and of itself, is what my spirit has needed.

If I'm being my most honest self--I would also admit that this transition has left me feeling like baby giraffe at times; unsure of my footing, needing to learn fast and reaching for new potentials. It's been a type of fuel for me to be in new territory, with creative challenges and collaborations in the ethers. I've never been more sure that I am moving in the right direction. The universe reminds over and over again with each new sign, each new download, each new synchronization. The process has been intuitive, revealing and uncharacteristically beneficial.

xoxo Q

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