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In my shell

I've crawlen back into my shell, friends. My cup is a bit empty and my offerings are much quieter than they were the past few months.

It is possible to be empowered and depressed; I don't believe the 2 are mutually exclusive. I wouldn't say it's a place I like to stay for long, but I find value in my lows.

I'm working through my lack of ability to share my sorrows. When I find that my energy is too heavy to continue, it's not in my nature to share the weight.

New musings are emerging & the fog I have been wading through is slowly lifting.

I am emboldened in the light of the day, but I am my most powerful self in the darkness of the Moon.

Lately, I feel pulled out of my Self & I can't quite find my way back. I miss the old shell that once held me, and I can't help but searching along for it as I move forward.

What do I hold onto and what do I let go? What keeps me anchored and what allows me effortlessly float?

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