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Indigo in Action

As per usual, its business in bed for me lol

I got an amazing opportunity to present to a team of holistic health coaches who run their businesses via social media. I did some graphic design tutorials and gave some helpful marketing tips to increase engagement, leverage insights and to create a cohesive brand across their multitude of online platforms.

There were a few tips that truly stuck out to me that were shared between the group. The energy of the team was really positive and pushing their momentum in a great direction for 2021. Here's what stuck out to me:

1) Focus on the positive engagement and set boundaries with discernment. Removing trolls that may have accumulated throughout the growth process keeps your business platform healthy and your clients SAFE. Your brand is meant for a specific person and it's nice to see entrepreneurs moving in a direction that support intentional followings rather than influencer-type following numbers. Your brand success is not based on your following count--but on what percentage of the following is 1) pushing your content or 2) investing in you.

2) Grow with your team horizontally, not just vertically! The more we connect with those who are doing the same work and empower one another the stronger your collective communities become. Sharing content ideas, branding aesthetics and creating a team to celebrate success with are stepping stones to longevity within a team. This is again a reflection of business's recognizing the need to maintain manageable following counts, based on their capacity to convert.

3) Keep it AUTHENTIC! It's not always effective to host planned posts, to recycle widely used Canva-style templates or design elements and to use stock photos. Posting in real time, with less filters & graphics allow your essence to shine through within a team. In reality we are not always pushing to make a sale--we are connecting with a community or people who might become long term supports of your brand in many different ways. Don't be afraid to try new things, share unique aspects of your life and be intentional about nurturing your true voice.

4) Work with a social media consultant or manager! If social media has become an unhealthy platform for you personally--get support. It's easy to get sucked into unhealthy social media habits like aimless scrolling, posting divisive or messy content or sharing content in contrast to your brand or market. Connecting with a social media expert can help set healthy routines for your business platforms & truly expand your reach. Feedback is essential to growth and helps push past creative blocks.

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