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Intention setting for Virgo season

I already feel the laziness of Leo season wearing off finally. I have a Leo Stellium (3 planets in the sign of Leo) so I am heavily impacted by the sun in Leo and the transits of the Sun in general (the ruling planet of Leo). I already feel myself moving into a more organized and magical energy flow, here in Virgo season. It is in good timing as well, as I have not been intentional about making time to create and connect with others. I will also be taking time to really make love to my calendar book.

We love Chani Nicholas and have subscribed to get her content right to our inbox. Here is the expert input on the essence of Virgo season:

"Full of insightful innovations and clear, precise communications, there are many substantive updates to our lives that can now be made. If Virgo wisdom knows anything, it’s that focusing on the small moves, specific attunements, and practices that keep us efficient is where it’s at. Virgo knows the power of a detail well-attended to, that being of service clears your skin and realigns your spirit. While some might spend their time raging, Virgo reminds us that sneaking under the radar and getting ahead of the game is the best play possible. Not all battles are won head on."

Full article and Chani's horoscopes for Virgo Season here!

In other words, its back to basics in a really good way. Do not let hermitting season this winter creep up on you! plan for your final quarter NOW, while the stars and the sun are making that aspect flow smoother. Start manifesting your winter NOW--as you've already manifested your fall. It will be a beautiful harvest season and there will be many fruits to your labors.

My intentions this Virgo season:

This Virgo season, more than ever I will lean into the power and the magic of my words and my intentions. I will lean into organizing, preparing and taking stock. I will recommit to daily habits and rituals that keep me full of pleasure and inspiration. I will embrace learning and creating new processes that lead to success and manifesting. I will enjoy the turning of the seasons and I will embrace the complexities of transition. I will harvest love, creativity, healthy relationships, inspiration, and prosperity. I will continue to discern between the amazing opportunities that continue to open themselves to me.

This Virgo season, I will listen to more jazz music and take more photos. I will dress in clothing that makes me feel powerful and confident. I will create more time to meditate and to make art. I will be more resourceful and more budget conscious. I will drink more good coffee and delicious tea from tea cups. I will breathe in deeply the fresh air, every chance that I get. I will see solutions clearly and know how to approach obstacles with ease. I will embrace the start of a new school year for my incredible children. I will take joy in watching them grow and adapt within their new learning environments. I will take pleasure in the risks that lead me to massive success.

What do you intend this Virgo season?

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