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"It's good to want."

My father used to say this to me ALL THE DAME TIME and that shit irked me for real. This was his typical response to the proclamation of my desires, asinine or otherwise. It's something that really stuck with me and is one of those ingrained mantras that grew with me.

When I was little, I believe this was his way of pacifying endless requests for fulfillment. When I was in my adolescence, I believe this was his way of telling me that it's good to be passionate and that I am free to go towards my desires. As an adult, I have found peace in the wanting. Wanting allows me to manifest with ease. Wanting without expectations opens me to endless ways of receiving from the Universe.

It's good to want, because when we're aren't "wanting", chances are we're "worrying". Wanting suggests progress, solutions, opportunity, receptivity. Worrying closes us off to the potentials we desire. We can not simultaneously manifest our desires something, while syncing up with the fears we hold about not reaching that desired destination. Wanting is readiness and the Universe, or God, only give us what we are ready for.

If you can't listen to the whole video above, tune into 11:15.

What has worry held you back from?

I tell you what, this Abraham Hicks moment really woke me up this morning. Manifestations automatically began to unfold to day, after being reminded. Let me know what you think.

Love, Q

PS: Only attraction, never assertion; only attraction, only attraction, only attraction.

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