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Learn to Read Tarot for self-care

"How do you memorize all those cards?!" I hear it ALL the time when someone learns that I am a Tarot medium. And yea, it takes some time to get them all down--but there are things that I was intentional about when I really began diving into the RESEARCH. Because I mean, literally ANYONE nowadays can order a deck from and claim to be a Reader. But not everyone is going topic that deck up every single day and be willing to see tarot in their lifestyle on a regular basis.

What I mean, is that I am at a point with my tarot decks that when I am shuffling, we both know what cards are going to be appearing in a spread. There are so many days that I am able to feel the energy of the card/s coming before they even jump out. The amazing thing is though, I keep seeking new meanings, new relationships, more archetypes played out IRL, exciting dynamics between cards and layers to their endless kaleidoscope effect.

Unfortunately for me, I was learning tarot before things like phones apps and idea generators like Pinterest existed. Fortunately for you, I was learning tarot while all of things came onto the scene--and tarot has been a part of my life despite not having been able to us them as learning tools in my early years. My goals for this post is to provide an arsenal of different tools to use when clearing the fog of being a novice reader. I hope to come back to this post and update it as we discover new tools together. Maybe stick this link in your bookmarks so you can find it when you need a quick reference.

In the first section I want to give you a list of quick links to some RESOURCES & REFERENCES. In the second section I am going to give you a list of exercises that will help you flex your brain around the tarot universe. I also try to focus mainly on resources I personally have used and are free or easy access! I was literally learning tarot when I had a budget of $00 so I know for a FACT that this is a cheap hobby haha. So let's get to it:


Favorite APPs for iPhone & Android products:

-Tarot Card Memorizer (memory tool)

-Trusted Tarot (daily, weekly pulls,full deck options & spreads)

-MysticMondays Tarot (daily pulls, full deck options)

-Golden Thread Tarot (daily, numerology lesson, full deck options &spreads)

-Luminous Spirit Tarot (moon cycle based spreads)

-Seventh Sphere Lenormand (both Lenormand and traditional deck options)

These apps all have features that include full deck view with meanings, built in spreads to pull from and daily card pull with meanings.

The Tarot Card Memorizer is listed first because it is, in my opinion, a great way to quiz yourself on the card meanings. It uses a rating system, so you rate how well you know the meanings, it will repeat the cards you rate lower, and will keep score of the cards that you master. It really helped me in the year before I began reading for clients. There times when as readers, you may feel doubt or free when reading for someone other than yourself. This tool will really help you see your blind spots, and lets you start small and work your way up. You NEED this app if you are in the stages of reading without a tarot guide book.

I understand that there are a TON of great tarot and oracle deck options available as phones apps. Plenty are paid apps, and versions of real decks. Feel free to browse and purchase any that speaks to you. I have tried plenty and have weeded out the ones I wasn't married to. I will talk a little more about finding the right deck for yourself on the second section.

If you have a favorite app you think would be a good addition to the list shoot me an email to or leave a comment below.

Let's talk about some other good resources:

-Local library: this is where I spent a lot of time checking out books about tarot, numerology, astrology, dream symbols, spiritual psychology, holistic health and plenty of other topics that are found within the layers of tarot. Learning about all of these other topics really gave me a comprehensive background that has allowed me to recognize patterns and see hidden meanings, symbols and references in the intricate cards.

-Pinterest: (website & phone app) Not only have others been compiling boards dedicated to tarot cards, their meanings, how to read them and spreads to try...but I have too! Head over and check out my Tarot Spreads & Readings Tips board! The board also has 2 sections! One with Tarot Spreads, and a section with Reading Tips & Tricks for reading your deck in different ways.

-Instagram: A great way to see a variety of tarot card decks, styles and see how different readers read is to follow #'s related to tarot. #tarotcards, #tarot, #tarotdeck and #tarotreadersofinstagram are great #'s to follow to get your IG feed filled with fresh tarot content. A word to the wise: BE DISCERNING! There are a lot of phoney's and fakes on IG. The New Age of Miss Cleo thrives on IG. Do not fall for solicitors in your DM's offering spiritual services without you reaching out first. That is a sure sign of someone trying to run scams! Check out website links, follower counts, comments on photos, look for photo watermarks/ branding, and beware of accounts with no personalized content or images of account holders.

-Tarot Podcasts: I personally am a VISUAL learner, so I have limited suggestions for podcasts! If I listen, it is for humor or for meditation. A simple search and some personal taste is all you need to find a good podcast that keeps you engaged and coming back each episode. In fact--tell me some of YOUR faves, maybe I need to add this to my personal practice!

Over time, we will be adding to this section--but I think this is plenty to dig into! Let's talk about some actual Learning Exercises to get you in sync with your deck. One of the things that is important for you to remember is that I want to give you the chance to do this work for yourself. I want to show you the tools already at your disposal--the important thing is, is that you take advantage of them for yourself and commit to using the ones you find most beneficial. My practice really exploded once I began incorporating tarot practices into each and every day.

Learning Exercises

-BOOK A READING! Sounds simple, but when a more experienced reader slays the cards in front of you, you can learn more than just card meanings. You can also learn the nuances of what you do and don't like from a reading. All readers have a different and unique style. It's helpful to learn from someone with experience.

-Seek out a mentor: Sometimes we have questions that require more conversation than Google can offer. I found myself really blossoming when I had an empowering confidant, encouraging me and stoking my witchy flames.

-Commit to pulling 1 card everyday: Just like learning any other new skill, the more you practice and expose yourself to the cards, the more you will absorb. Experience is the best teacher, so it is also helpful to imagine when in your life you have been in a similar situation, reflect on that and consider journaling your card of the day reflections.

-Create a learning system of your own: One thing I know for sure is that we all have different learning styles and that will impact the way you will want to self-teach tarot. Maybe you want to do blind memory style, or displaying an entire deck on your wall as art, or maybe you want to memorize what the numbers mean first, or use just the Major arcana first. There are so many different ways to learn and memorize, but it needs to be right for you.

-Follow some Tarot readers on Social: FB, IG, YouTube, Patreon, Podcasts...there are endless formats for us to connect with others speaking our language. You can learn SO MUCH, not just about card meanings, but the relationships between the cards and the nuances they create when they appear in a spread together. I will note on my list of blog ideas that I need to make a post about some of my favorite tarot readers to follow.

-Check out some Tarot literature: Resources are always free at your local Library, you could support your local mystical shoppe or spiritual bookstore, Amazon is never a bad option. Perhaps your mentor or favorite Tarot readers on social media have some favorites they can suggest or lend. I also learned a lot from reading the deck's guidebooks completely as well. Another great blog post idea: favorite Tarot literature.

I'm sure I will be adding and updating this post with links and more ideas as I go, but this is a wonderful place to start! If you are learning tarot or developing another psychic skill, consider booking a free consultation or a 1-on-1 Spiritual Advisement session with me! Being a Witch/Medium mentor is one of my most favorite things. There is so much more power in teaching others to use their own skills, than in creating a client base dependent on my products and readings to be successful.

Happy Reading!


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