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  • Quinn

Love Sick

Loving you isn't even second nature

it's first.

If you told me you remembered me from lifetimes ago,

I'd ask if they were the same ones I, too, remember.

Sometimes I don't know how to tell you that my heart is still holding grudges of lifetimes past.

Sometimes I don't know how to tell you that my soul pulls out of my skin for you.

When I say that loving you is first nature, what I really mean is that

your memory lives within my DNA

and the moment you touched me

my double helixes did a double take

and the explosion in my chakras was just like


Loving you is something deeper and it's in my core.

Loving you is the point I return to for balance.

Loving you is the center of gravity that holds me to the surface of the Earth.

Loving you is the rope I hold to keep from floating away, only it's wrapped around my neck like diamonds for you, love.

Diamonds dripping with champagne & it's the roaring 20's.

Corona hit like the Spanish flu, and our love survived that too.

Cholera hit in 18's and Measles in the 17's.

In 1616 the plague was black, in 1520 the pox were small.

We lived it through and saw them all

And now we do it again.

Mating souls; finding each other every 100 so odd years.

It seems each time, we watch the world burn as we tangle and twine under the covers.

One day I will tell of the last life we shared.

I had seen it in a vision, long before the parallel of our lives veered into one another head on.

It didn't make sense 6 years ago, but I see it clearly now.

And when I close my eyes and breath you in,

I'm lost across the ages.

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