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Good Morning magick makers! We are in still working, and worrying, our way through this quarantine. For myself, I know I am feeling a little bit "lost in the wood". Today I have made some decisions, so that I can stay the course--and remind myself of my "why?".

This time is allowing me to reflect on what is truly important, what is worth my energy and what is worth risking my life for (literally and figuratively). I am going to be intentional about the responses I formulate to these questions. I encourage you to do the same.

In order to remind myself that I am magic, I am powerful and that I manifest my "course"--I am reflecting on times when I have demonstrated this mantra. I have shared one major manifestation on my Facebook post. So now I pose to you our question for #magickmondays:

"What is one thing you believe you have manifested in a time of need?"

I would love to hear about a time when you needed, wanted and believed in something so much, that the Universe delivered it directly to you, in Divine timing. Share your response below, comment on the Facebook post, or share this blog & write about it to your friends & family (be sure to tag The New Indigo in your post so I can hear about your magick).

Check out my response here! If you have any suggestions for future #magickmondays questions--email or message me directly! What is something magickal you would like to discuss?

Kisses, Q

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