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Happy Moonday magic makers! Many of us enjoy the companionship of a pet within our homesteads. The idea of animal familiars and animal totems is a wide-spread practice within spiritual and social communities. Recently, I have worked with a few totems in meditation, I also have a pet chocolate lab, Sadie who is my soul mate. We also FINALLY settled on getting some birds to add to our home as well! I am very excited about my blue budgies & have been yearning for one for almost a whole YEAR now!

So I'd like to know:

What animal totems are you working with? Can you tell me about the pets and familiars that are a part of your homestead?

As per usual, feel free to email me your response, or head over to Facebook and drop a comment on the post to get a card pull sent to your DM's. Let's share our magick, shall we?

Sending love,


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