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My Plans to survive Quarantine

I'm really only on day 3 right now of my daily routine being completely disrupted. To be quite honest, my home is my most scared of spaces, and the idea idea of being able to spend 90% more time here is an absolute DELIGHT! Working 40 hours a week puts huge damper on the daily up keep and maintenance on the home front. Especially when the time we usually spend awake in the house we are cleaning up after kids, cooking, cleaning or doing laundry.

With the quarantine we have time to catch up on all of that, and so much more. Over time I have really trained my brain to see the bright side of most situations. This bright side just tends to really vibe with what I am truly needing out of my life for true self-development.

Who else can relate to needing a total over haul to their daily life?

I have been praying and wishing for more time with my 4 and 5 year old children and I have so much gratitude for that wish being granted. There are so many things we miss out on with each other, and I plan on making up for as much of that as possible. This time will be laying the foundation for true change for my life and for my future. God willing, many of the things that I adopt during this time will remain long after the period of retreat. So here are a few tips to take with you, to make the most of this interesting time:

1) Practice minimalism & resourcefulness

There are so many items we've collected and saved for one reason or another. Kids clothing and toys, maternity clothing, mismatched silverware, holistic ingredients, shoes, artwork...endless miscellaneous THINGS. Things that just clog up and lower the energetic vibration of this entire household.

I am grateful I have for the chance to recover the items in my home, to re purpose, recycle and renew them.

2) Grow your house plant collection

There are plenty of wonderful resources to finding the quintessential houseplants for your space. I have found that Pothos vines, and my Monsterra have had the best quality growth in my space. I have a couple of snake plants taking their time, a couple of Aloe plants struggling, and a spider plant that needs more love. I also look forward to taking the time to grow my 2 palm plants during this time. As well as adding some great new babies to my #jungalow

I am grateful for this time to connect with the Great Mother and to bring nature into my home to raise the vibrations of my sacred space.

3) Create art

When feeling clogged up, or overwhelmed with emotions (good and bad), expressing that helps. Creating art helps us make sense of feelings that are hard to put into words. It is also a great teaching tool to use with my children. I look forward to digging into my cluttered craft closet to find some treasures we an enjoy together. We also have a ton of art from the the past 2 years that the kids have made at school and daycare. We will use this time to get some of their greatest hits displayed in their play spaces.

My art journal has also become a place of expressing spirit, inspired art and quick projects. It is a wonderful outlet for those moments when I need to escape into my inner world and draw out the magic.

I am grateful for this time to create beauty with my children and with my Self.

4) Build an altar

For many, creating an altar helps define their sacred spaces, as well as their intentions within that space. Creating an altar dedicated to your health, your work/productivity, your family, Mother Earth. God or any other energetic force will help enhance the energy around you and drive your inspiration. Carve out a small, or big, area of your home to dedicate to your Highest Self. For me, I am creating a sacred space dedicated to maintaining a ritual for my body work, and a space to create and spend time with the art that I create.

I am grateful to nest in my home and to create spaces that are divine, sacred and beautiful.

5) Intentional eating

There is no better way to fully connect with ones inner spirit than through intentional eating. For me, this looks like intermittent fasting, good coffee, craving chases & comfort foods. Many people like to plan meals ahead and be prepared--but for me, I like to let e cravings guide me & inspire my food selections for the day. It also l looks like simple snack and meal combos, being resourceful and providing healthier options to have on hand all day.

I am grateful that I have all I need to sustain myself and my family.

We are obviously doing so much more to keep ourselves stimulated; bird watching, biking, woods walks, dance parties, school work, blogging and house work. It's been a rejuvenating first few days, and it will be interesting to see how things turn out.

I am currently booking 1-on-1 consults, tarot readings and more! Please check out my book a session page to learn more my current offers! I will also be live on Facebook for Tarot Therapy Thursday's (and possibly Tuesday's) so be on the lookout for announcements on that!! I can't wait to spend more time with you and with Spirit throughout this quarantine.

Love, Q

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