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New year & a New era for Indigo

It has been quite a bit of time since I let myself pause to reflect here. So much has been manifesting around me, I have been quite enjoying the momentum. I want to give you all the juicy details and a look at what (& who) I've been working on (& with). Since allowing my brand to pivot with the direction of my life, we've been aligning with the most amazing (& magical) local brands.

I've come to the stark realization that there has been a huge upspring in some local industries. Art and business opportunities are absolutely on rise and packing a bigger punch than ever before. Local groups have truly rallied to support local, black and women owned business and I can promise you that trend is here to stay. There is nothing the Southern Tier loves more than championing for Binghamton's finest talent and entrepreneurs.

Indigo is making its mark as one of the agencies championing and supporting this local movement. Over this next month, and as Indigo grows, we will highlight the amazing collaborations we are involved with for the winter and spring of 2021. So far, here's what's on the circuit for The New Indigo:

Les Misérables

That's right...this weekend our production team will begin the virtual casting process for the high school version of Les Misérables. This is the 10th year the director and I will be putting a production together but this year will be WAY DIFFERENT than ever before. We look forward to hosting and creating a virtual theater experience for our students and our audiences. I will be the programs Assistant Director, specializing in creative direction & choreography/movement. I will be directing our creative team on the overall scene and character aesthetics for the stage production.

This project is already pushing so far out of our creative comfort zone and I'm OBSESSED. As a Creative Director it is paramount to be offered inspiration and room to express creatively. For the last few years, I have considered my succession from the program, but I am too inspired with every show the director chooses. This years production season will lend itself to plenty of behind the scenes footage and will provide me some new artistic skills to bring to Indigo. Head to to subscribe for behind the scenes footage, creative musings & other Indigo exclusives.

The Stellar Human (@thestellarhuman)

Back in the fall I put a call out on my social media looking to collaborate on a "third space"--essentially it's the third place you go to, besides 1) your home 2) your work. Longing for a sense of community amongst local creators, a number of artists reached out--but The Stellar Human stuck out to me. Besides the fact that this couple was telling me they already signed a lease for the physical space--but their vision was so in alignment with Indigo, I had to make the connection.

The Stellar Human is a multi-use creation space that highlights thrifted fashion, local artisans and a gallery style environment. Renovations are currently underway on a movement space and workshop on the lower level of the building as well. The founder and creator LaRue is another Parlor City local aiming to make an impact. Check out their IG page for online sales we they gear up for their launch, planned for later this month!

Lulu La Femme & Burly Box (@lulu_lafemme & @burly_box)

Andrea Parker is a burlesque Queen from the Trumansburg area. We were lucky to meet on social media and our aesthetics were so similar, we we've drawn to each others work over the past few years. This year, we realized how silly it was that we hadn't thought to collaborate before and found it very easy to get ideas on the board once they began rolling! Lulu La Femme is getting her very own, brand spanking new site to host all of her goodies for burly babes and her amazing fans.

One of Lulu's little lovelies will be the Burly Box! A subscription based gift set that includes hand picked items the Lulu lusts after. Be sure to follow her on social media and consider treating her to something sweet at

Indigo Patreon

Speaking of which, that reminds me...I actually still have a Patreon site too! I have been setting aside some time to be intentional about how Indigo can thrive on Patreon now that she has evolved past spiritual consultations. The original plan was to maintain a platform dedicated to my brujas locally--but the shit I'm getting into now is too good not to share over there!

Patreon is getting the facelift of it's lifetime and I can't wait to purge the old Indigo from there and get her up to speed. I am incredibly appreciative of the loyal clients who have supported this evolution and still gain value from the content Indigo offers. Head to to see all my outdated shit :) and subscribe obviously...

That being said, if you have made it this far into reading, I am still offering tarot readings and energy work on the down low. I have a little secret menu I keep handy for your reference and I also host a FB group with witchy content and support. Quinn is still a witch yall, she's just a witch and an entrepreneur.

Any who, that about sums it up for my little mini new year update! I'll be getting some behind the scenes footage on Patreon this weekend as I do auditions for Les Misérables! Follow me all of the places, like me and share me and all the free good things.

Love and quarantine <3 Quinnie

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