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So sick of long captions on social media

Toasting back stage at Parlor City Burlesque

The social media manager who needs a social media manager…sweet lord. I am so sick of long captions on social media. I feel like with every bit that I share I need to include long winded explanations and drawn out details. I feel guilty when I post a short caption. I’m making it intentional to share less on spaces that don’t require investment from my audience members, period. It’s been a while since I took the time to brain dump into a blog but now feels like the right time.

I should save my long captions for my blog. There’s a lot being segmented out on my social media so I’d like to give a full rundown of what’s been going on with the life of a full time creative director and marketing maven! This summer was much more about creative development and trying new immersive experiences to find inspiration within. There has been a deep sense of liberation that has blossomed out of stepping into Burning Man culture. You’ll be seeing a lot of media coming from Black Rock Canyon this time of year—but Theo and I found immense beauty at the 2 regional Burning Man events we attended this July in New York.

Like most things in my life, these events kind of happened because of a few divine coincidences and unfolded rapidly with grand payoffs. So often we sit in the contrast of our day to day lives, while our inner beings are longing for play, and art, and vulnerability, and rawness. To break from the default for a period of time and be so radically included and welcomed into the Cosmic & POrtal Burn community has been a small but mighty dose of the massive healing that unfolds at larger regional events, or at the big burn. I especially look forward to more regional events as I gear up for my eventual first big burn. Perhaps 2023 will be my year….

In other exciting news the Creatives Rebuild New York Guaranteed Income for Artists program is well underway and it is the cornerstone in the changes happening in my overall brand. I’ve had the opportunity to make a few important brand choices this summer which is exciting and challenging all at once. I know that this funding is meant to support some basic living expenses over the next 18 months, but it’s important that I am able to put what I can back into my community. SingSing Productions is a little piece of who I am and of the kind of legacy that I always saw myself leaving behind. I look forward to evolving my Performing Arts & Creative Direction company to enhance the lives of the artists I work with and to provide my community with spaces dedicated to raucous joy having experiences.

Cut to LUMA Projection Arts festival—talk about raucous joy having experiences. This one takes up the whole god dammed city! So naturally, ya girl said an emphatic ‘Hell Yes!’ when she was approached about joining the Production team. While the gig itself will take up a few weeks of my year, the production level is INCREDIBLY GRAND!!! We’re talking over 50,000 attendees and art from literally all over the world! I’m ass deep in my role as the Associate Production Director and doing the important shit that no one considers when they attend the actual event in September lol It’s actually amazing and I’m getting a TON of experience working with Anna, Josh & Tice. They are a humbling set of humans and to be in their likes gives me the butterflies. I really feel like we are kicking ass, but we are about to be in the period I lovingly call “the squeeze”—where all of our deadlines feel a little more deadliney & the pace of production really really seems to increase as we approach our show dates. I’m probably a lot less stressed than everyone else, but only because I haven’t run in this race yet. Luckily I’m running with seasoned vets and I’ve given myself a good head start. Ask me in 2 and a half weeks what my stress level is though………….

My team over in musical theater world is digging through content to determine the best production for our 2022-2023 season. It’s honestly always fun, because I genuinely trust whatever show my Director (and life long best friend) chooses—but I always get to spitball a ton of ideas I’d like to run with. I think that’s how I got myself into 42nd Street lol So much for talking about how much I loved to tap dance. Anywho, there are so many shows that I would love to help choreograph and assistant direct but he knows our students as their teacher—so I always trust that he will choose a production that allows his students to shine. These students make it easy though. I look forward to announcing our final selection (and some the shows we talked about doing but decided against for reasons).

Today at the LUMA press release a former musical theater student of ours was behind the camera as a journalist and it made me so damn happy! It was awesome to reconnect and to see how his experience on the stage with us put him in a position to be in front of the camera and commanding an audience on News Channel 12- it was an absolute delight. Those reminders and nudges are so important, even if they may seem like just a tiny blipp in your day.

And of course, Parlor City Burlesque is full steam ahead as we have our last few shows of the summer! Artistic Director, Lulu, and I have been busy behind the scenes cooking up some juicy holiday plans as the fall season knocks on summer’s door! From day 1, we planned to eventually host classes or workshops—and we are in the beginning phases of securing the infrastructure & team to support that on a regular basis. It’s hella exciting to have finished our first full year from 2021 to 2022 and we already have our 2023 bookings started! Binghamton has been hungry for burlesque—so that’s what we’re servin’, y’all.

I couldn’t possibly forget that Theo and I have been in full wedding planning mode this entire summer! Finding beautiful inspirations every step of the way—we have locked in our dates, made our guest lists and booked our venue. It’s officially official and ya girls gotta get her ass in shape for finding the ideal dress!! Lord have mercy. I will say, I have found that this is an amazing opportunity for me to flex my creative direction skills because wedding weekends are quite literally a PRODUCTION. I’m definitely going to be hiring a wedding coordinator because it’s just an insane amount of planning to execute on the day of. I’m doing everything I can to make the most out of this time we spend together planning our big day and being thoughtful and intentional about the experiences of our guests. It’s basically all just dreams coming true and it’s much to much for a caption on social media.



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