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Software Update required...

Sitting here, inspired by the fact that my iPhone needs a software update...

Thinking, wow--I need a fucking software update. Or, maybe that's what I'm currently experiencing. A whole ass software update for my Identity, or Soul. Old outdated shit getting wiped out & replaced with updates suited for the next level of my life.

My system is naturally dysfunctioning until I get my shit together. And it's naturally taking way longer than I thought it would, both my iPhone update & my Existence update. I feel like throughout 2019, I have been able to gain so much clarity & closure on some long standing issues that I have dealt with throughout my life.

Working through some life span trauma, on literally all fronts has really made me grow in a direction I never thought possible. A place of self acceptance, deep spiritual connection & being able to let go of things that are holding me back. Using my voice to speak and to hold my truth--unafraid to say what I need and what I feel. All new skills that 2019 has helped me acquire.

I firmly believe 2019 was this massive buffering zone where things got confronted and wiped clean. 2020 feels not so much as a clean slate as a wonderful starting point for my next 30 years. The landscape of my life is so lush, I "simply" need to chose a direction and keep moving forward.

"The Chariot" in me (the card associated with my Sun sign of Cancer) is the engine that gives me purpose--as I am always compelled to keep my life progressing, advancing & moving in a positive direction.

This update is also allowing me to let go of the roles that are no longer suited for me, graciously. From heartbreak, to BFF breakups with all the family drama sprinkled on top. I’ve been living in this strange place between being a mother & a maiden—but I’m having the time of my life.


Here's to getting that software updated and ready for 2020

Love, Q

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