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Strange Thoughts

Thighs brush together while I wait for my coffee

Strange thoughts about having sex in public

Why does it feel rated R when I’m not wearing a bra?

The way the breeze can kiss my breasts through the cotton fabric

Oop-My order is up

Strange thoughts about a lover who said he could taste my morning coffee

Afternoon delightful

Cafe Americana

What is pleasure?

Sensational experiences influencing chemical reactions

Strange thoughts about drugs

Strange thoughts about that day I macro’d my micro dose and had to leave the office early

Groovy smoothies for an emotional reset

Like visiting your own inner heaven and renewal

I’m releasing judgments against myself so that I can be free

I find messages in love songs that I sing to my trauma like a bad breakup

I romanticize my dreams and they bring me to climax

I stir magic into my coffee cup

Strange thoughts about him remembering that vanilla is my favorite flavor

Why does that turn me on?

Strange thoughts about sensation and attraction

I long to feel each moment deeply and fully

To milk each luscious passing moment

To be times mistress and to feel her infinite

Strange thoughts about a cosmic orgasm in the solar system while I’m looking down upon the earth

Strange thoughts about riding your face


Soul ripe and dripping

Floating down a river of stars

I am a powerful creator

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