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The Healing prayer

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Here's to the Cycle Breakers:

Here's to those whose existence is hinged in breaking soul contracts.

May we prosper.

May we love.

May we know the sweetest of pleasures.

May we receive the wisdom of the Universe.

May we discern, protect and defend.

May we learn, grow and blossom.

May we dance with reckless abandon.

May we sing the songs of our ancestors.

May we conquer the evil ways of the other.

I am a powerful breaker of cycles.

I am an intentional creator.

I am born into this cycle so that it may be broken.

Not the pretty kind-

no kintsugi.

I am the golden bond-

I will not hold your porcelain together.

I will not carry your water.

I will not be passed between your generations.

I am here to birth new ones,

new lines of gold throughout.

I am a beacon.

I am an extension of the Great Mother.

Stay sweet, be bold, reflect & pray.

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