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The Rising of the Black Brujas

There must be something in the water y'all and levels are rising. There historically is a stark lack of black spirituality, outside of the Christian churches here in Binghamton, NY; a small rust belt town in South Central New York. Uprisings all over the globe; black souls awakening. Ancestors showing out like never before. Karmic justice being served swiftly and in real time. Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain; for we know that his illusion of control is only real to him.

My work has shifted, my purpose has expanded. I see the ways my calling has begun to align. The spirits have long been contained within us, deep within our DNA. They are vibrating faster, stronger and harder and more of us are getting swept into their momentum. There is no such thing as coincidence. Follow the breadcrumbs and feed your soul.

The Black Brujas of Binghamton NY Facebook group is the first safe platform for black womxn & spiritualists, in Binghamton and the surrounding areas to feel empowered, to take control of their healing & to connect with others locally who share their wisdom. It is the foundation of a council, free & safe. It is a portal to connection, manifestation & healing. The expansiveness of black culture needs to fill all areas of our life. The decolonization of spiritual practices and lifestyles is paramount to restoration of Self and Social justice on American soils. It is the returning that our ancestors have long awaited. It is the beginning of the coming eon.

The return to God is the restoration of black sanctity and protection of all costs. Ashe

Support the healing & empowerment of black womxn at

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