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The story behind my obsession with peaches...🍑

I genuinely can’t tell you how old I was and I also can’t tell you where the story takes place. But one of my favorite stories is about the first time I tried a magic spell.

My cousins and I were away at some my cousins and I were away at some sort of cottage in your body of water. That’s about all I can remember about the environment we were in. My younger cousin Alexa had convinced me that we could grow a human baby from putting a peach pit in salt water. I, being a Cancer Sun/Pisces Moon, believed her and decided we would give it a go.

We tried, and obviously failed. But what I discovered, was the I couldn’t always rely on the elements to create magic; I would have to make the magic myself. My magic would not be about manipulating the element, but by pulling out from within myself.

A simple lesson, but a crucial one for any baby witch. It was both sad and awakening and put me on a path that would rule over the rest of my life. I was born with magic in my veins and the peach pit spell taught me that. 🍑

Magic & Blessings,


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