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The Truth is...

That I wish I had more time to write.

That I wish I had more energy to communicate to you.

I often think about what I would write if I could,

or if it would even matter if I did.

It seems I've got so much to convey and only so many channels to send the messages across.

Do my opinions and experiences even matter? Is it all in vain?

Does anyone even care what I have to say? What I want to say?

Does my truth add value to yours?

The truth is I'll never know until my secrets have all been spent

The truth is I'll never know until I find the structure and the order of the words flooding behind the dam

The truth is that when the dam breaks and the words rush forth some will sink with them and others will swim in their current


Virgo season has brought with it a renewed sense of purpose.

We just moved from one dwelling into the next and the Virgoan essence of "nesting" has helped us thrive with the transition.

It has felt yummy to discern from my current life which pieces will be salvaged and which will be released.

Lots of dead leaves and intentions need to be pruned from the fresh greenery of our lives.

We prepare for the harvest season, and the coming of darker colder days.

September is the best month to take stock of the year you've been living and make the final commitments to those "resolutions" you set 9 long months ago.

In terms of the life cycle, this is about the time you should be able to reflect on your growth--and the first few seasons act as your yearly gestation period.

This is what new mothers call the "4th trimester", where your blessings have arrived (or not) and you have evolved (or not) from seed to flower.

Looking forward to spending the next few days vacationing, setting intentions for the Fall & Winter months and continuing my journey of pleasure seeking and self-health.

xo Q

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