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The Vision & The Mission

This month Indigo is helping clients merge their vision with their mission, with big intention. Visual media content is the mood and creatives are thriving under limiting circumstances. The biggest source of inspiration I've found throughout 2020 (and into 2021) is the artists ability to adapt, to continue to create and to send powerful messages to their audience. Now more than ever we are seeing talents emerge, lives changing course and collective influence swaying markets.

The momentum for many of my clients is spinning rapidly and positive opportunities keep popping up left and right. Many of us are managing working ON our business and working IN our businesses. What I am seeing is that growing small businesses, creators and artists are hands on in both their business strategizing as well as the manual execution of their unique products--and we're out here doing THE MOST. We understand the need to grow horizontally and this feels like a culture shift, within the arts particularly, as competitors become community.

Collaborations are the sway in 2021 and Indigo is set to sign on a few more handfuls of creators this Spring. February we are diving into visual content for Indigo platforms, and for the platforms of the Indigo Partners. Indigo will also be continuing to overhaul it's numerous platforms and outlets as well. Theater season brings on a whole new world of inspirations, costumes and projects--so prepare for some drama, romance and overall THEATRICS as the Spring shapes up.

If you are an artist, performer, creator or run a small business online--let's set up a time to chat about your marketing and content needs. I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to manage it all, and my team can take off some of that pressure.

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