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Venus & Mars

My relationship was a diving board

Me: standing on the edge of bliss and borderline

The board: flexible, sturdy and not going anywhere

Was I pushed or did I dive?

I thought it was shallow but my god it’s the deep-end

Head first

Must’ve hit it because I can’t quite seem to remember anymore.

Am I moving at the speed of light or

not at all?

And in which direction do I appear to be moving?

How does one observe oneself when all one ever sees is just another reflection?

Look for me and never stop.

I am in the depths now

Born to float in the shadows of the under sea

Existing for the moment that my face breaks the surface

And the supple shine from the solar god

Reaches in to make glitter of the waters on my skin

It’s the only thing I came with, and the only thing I’ll take.

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