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What a WILD year it's been already!!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

There are truly no words words for how incredible this year has been. When I set my goals and my 6 month plan back in January, I intended on successfully accomplishing that list... but I didn't think I would absolutely DESTROY that list. Yet, here I am--feeling like this year is only getting better. It's kind of strange to think people need "updates" on my life--but it helps me to reflect, and I'm too lazy to pick up the pen and paper right now. So...

Anyways, back in January I shared a blog with some simple updates and after reading about the projects that I had successfully joined onto and completed in the first half of the year, I was really reminded of my overall growth and trajectory. Not only that--but the way that each of those projects has manifested and further inspired my journey has left me in complete awe.

As I was wrapping my 10th season with the musical theater program, a sense of utter accomplishment truly swept through me. This year, by far, brought some of the most unique challenges. With that--our creative team was pushed to it's brink and we absolutely prevailed. Anyone who got to experience the virtual showing of Vestal Highschool's Les Misérables performance can attest to it's success. To say that I am proud of the cast and crew that I got to work with would be a complete understatement.

Every year I swear up and down it's my last year with the program...and every year--I come back. It's become such a huge part of not only my life, but my kids lives as well. Without the program, there is no way I would've had the confidence to take on a project like Parlor City Burlesque. The traveling troupe is actually a fun creative marriage with another project I mentioned in my January post. As Lulu La Femme launched her Burly Box--the world slowly began to open and burlesque performance opportunities began to arise. We were hoping to book at least one performance at 205 Dry, the speakeasy style restaurant, but the owner was eager to book at least one performance a month. This baby has been a rocket to the moon since we first whispered her name.

My co-producer, Andrea (aka Lulu La Femme), has been my amazing Burley-Godmother--ala Cher and Christina Aguilera. We have been steadily focused on our Debut Revue performance on August 10 at 8pm (which is already SOLD OUT!!)-- but we also have our eyes set on adding a few additional performances before the year's end. We seem to be endlessly inspired by one another and by the fun world of the erotic performing arts. We are still adding official members to our troupe, as we have a number of guest performers helping us our from our sister troupe up in Syracuse, NY., Salt City Burlesque. We have gotten such a warm welcome and so much love and support so far. I genuinely can't wait to collaborate with some of the the North Easts best burlesque performers and start traveling with some local baddies. Learn more at and follow us on IG @parlorcityburlesque.

For early access to tickets PLUS exclusive videos & performance footage head to and join to support Parlor City Burlesque each month!


I am also doing Pop Ups at Stellar Human, offering Therapeutic Tarot & Energy readings as often as possible!

I've honestly had the most amazing tarot clients lately that I keep wanting to offer more of my time and energy to doing readings and energy work. The way I feel alive and energized after working with y'all is a major blessing. My home page has my services listed and I post on IG when I know I'm going to be at Stellar Human--so you gotta follow @quinnie.sing to get the inside scoop!! I'm also available for private or group sessions so don't hesitate to reach out if you've been hoping to get a some clarity or empowerment through a tarot or energy reading.

In the coming months I also hope to get some more tarot offerings back up. Today, I found an old notebook full of tarot card spreads that I created over the years. It really inspired me to create spreads to offer every often--or even just to pull out my old ones to recycle! I have a ton of them saved here & there and I love offering unique spreads for my clients and friends. I will also be adding energy healing (reiki) sessions and psychic-medium sessions back--now that we can meet in person without restrictions. I am VERY excited to get immersed back into energy work and will be posting every so often as a reminder that I'm available.

Well, I think that's about it for tonight--I'm headed to a virtual double date with my honey & our friends <3 more updates to come...

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