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What we don't mention

I am a witch.

I don't write about my life as a witch, but rather I write about my life as a woman, who happens to also be "witchy".

Right out of the gate let's address the elephant in the room called "witch". We got a bad rap. Religion did that to a lot of things. Religion tends to be at the root of plenty of trauma, but that's something else that we don't mention.

When I say that I am witch, I mean 2 very specific things: I am a powerful creator, and I am a spiritual being. Nothing more, nothing less. Right now it's trendy to be a witch, but so many still have yet to learn what that truly means.

While exploring my power and seeing what I could create, over the last few years, I have learned so much about self-actualization. I am a solitary witch, and that means I don't have a coven or set of guidelines others might seek. My power is strengthened in the absence of others, true to my introversion. We all have different areas of expertise that emerge in different. My "witch specialties" are romance, sex, glamour, self magic (healing, manifestation & empowerment) and mediumship. Using tarot has helped me maintain healthy boundaries when it comes to energy work & magick, but I am eager to expand on my spiritual services.

I don't share much about being in tune, tapped in and turned on--but those who know me, know. I am a witch, and I am not for everyone. It is a beautiful day to be able to make this exclamation without fear of judgement and without fear of losing relationships. I am working on being more open and vulnerable with my spiritual power, the way that I am with my healing. It seems that these 2 things are so deeply connected, that I wouldn't have one without the other.

Many of us witches came to this label through self healing, but like I said...that's just something most of us don't mention.

Love, Q

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