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Who even am I? 50 random things about me!

Just for fun, and so that you can get to know me a little better, I decided to answer a bunch of random questions about myself! Enjoy!

1. Full Name: Quinn Nicole Singer

2. Zodiac Sign: Cancer Sun (Leo Cusp), Pisces Moon, Taurus Rising

3. 3 Fears: Losing loved ones, public humiliation, the end of the world

4. 3 things I love: Coffee breaks, anything Lavender, fresh flowers

5. My Best Friend: Ultimately, my mother.

6. Last Song I listened to: H.E.R.- Slide

7. 4 Turn on's: Ambition, Passion, Humor & Self-assured

8: 4 Turn off's: Selfishness, Poor grooming, Inflexibility, Poor Communication

9. What color underwear am I wearing right now: Black

10. How many tattoos/piercings: 5 tattoos and currently wearing 0 piercings (but I have 2 holes in each ear)

11. How I feel right now: I am feeling excited that it is almost the end of the "work day", and I am feeling a little tired, due to a lingering cough and tickle in my throat.

12. Something I really, really want: To be able to quit my 9-5 grind and to be able to support myself

13. Current relationship status: Single, dating and it's complicated & I'm complicated lol

14. Meaning behind my URL: The New Indigo represents all of us Indigo children, who grew into spiritual Millennials and are helping raise the collective conscious

15. My favorite movie(s): The Wizard of Ox, Almost Famous, Practical Magic

16. My favorite song(s): Under Pressure by Queen & David Bowie, Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac, Everything I Wanted by Billie Eillish

17. My favorite band(s): Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Dave Matthews Band

18. 3 Things that upset me: Pessimism, Shit-stirrers, Ignorance

19. 3 things that make me happy: Sunshine, Yummy food, Intimate moments

20. What I find attractive in other people: Honestly, if you express interest in me or what I'm doing, I am automatically attracted to you. Also, creative expressions, quick wit and being able to teach me new things will draw me in BIG time.

21. Someone I miss: My Aunt Bobbie, my mother's childhood best friend

22. Someone I love: My children

23. My relationship with my parents: My mother and I are best friends. I love my step-father dearly, but we often struggle to see eye to eye. I am still reconciling a relationship with my biological father, after having been estranged for 20 years. My relationships with my fathers evolves over the course of my life.

24. My favorite holiday: All Hallows Eve of course!

25. My closest witch friend: Sierra Colon <3

26. A Confession: I try to be eco friendly, but I WAYYY overuse paper on the reg

27. 3 things that annoy me easily: People not reading social queues, Loud chewing or breathing, Negative energy

28. My favorite animal(s): Besides my chocolate lab--I love cats in all forms, especially lion & panthers, birds, especially ones with vibrant colors and horses.

29. My Pets: Sadie Mae, my chocolate lab

30. One thing I've lied about: MY college...when I used to go to the bars underage :)

31. Something that's currently worrying me: My bank account...*laugh cries

32. An embarrassing moment: My bank account...*laugh cries more

33. Where I work: Crime Victims Assistance Center, a non-profit dedicated to advocating for innocent victims of crime

34. Something that's constantly on my mind: Sex...for real' y' lie

35. 3 Habits I have: Late breakfast, Connecting with Spirit, Singing to the radio

36. My future goals: I keep quiet, you will know them when I announce that I've met them <3

37. Something I fantasize about: Running away to live on a private island that is fully staffed...also sex.

38. My favorite store: Target

39. My favorite food(s): I honestly love a lot of different foods, but the Panang (a red curry dish) from my favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Thai, is probably at the top right now.

40. What I did yesterday: Woke up with kids sleeping over with my own so we did a big breakfast, cleaned up from my daughters Birthday party, taught dance for 3 hours, meditated, watched the Superbowl.

41. Something I am talented at: Expressive Arts

42. My idea of a perfect date: Maybe a homemade meal, spending time outdoors, I love doing group dates, lots of laughing and a bit of adventure.

43. My celebrity crush: Leo DeCaprio and Billie Eillish

44. A Photo of ME:

45. My Favorite blog: I don't think I have one actually...I check in with Chani Nicolas most often

46.Number of kids I want: Well, I currently have 2--I think I would max out at 2 more. I am at a place where I am at peace with what I am blessed with, and am open to having more or not--depending on my future partner.

47. Do I smoke or drink: Yes, I do. I love to drink socially, though I am prone to over indulging. I do not smoke cigarettes, but I'll burn a weed or 2.

48. My Favorite color(s): Pink & Orange

49. My Favorite tarot deck: Right now it is Tarot Del Fuego, by Ricardo Cavolo.

50. My current favorite spiritual practice/ritual: Meditation & Masturbation...the 1-2 PUNCH, a great way to start your day, or end your day if you ask me! :)

And there you have it!! Feel free to answer these questions for yourself! I'd love to see your responses!!

xoxo, Q

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