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"If We Were Made of Water"...

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

I'm spilling out again

looking for cracks to fill again

moving into tight spaces and unwelcome again.

Endless expansion and strength in any condition.

The point is you can't hold me anymore

from where you are

out of reach

out of touch

I'm out of space

and filling it all in again

So I overflow again

and I'm gasping for air

and grasping for earth

but your earth ain't solid--

it's sand and it's quick. But i'll

always be a wave. And you'll

just be a place that I crash--

I never land. I always sea.

You're just a man, whose needing me.

Never quenched and always wanting.

A wishing coin to my lush fountains--

rust in the shallows with the other copper pennies.

I could count for ages all the "wishes" you've left for me

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